The Saint-Martin du Val d’Erdre school complex consists of an elementary school, a vocational school as well as a junior, senior and technological high school. It is a Catholic private teaching institution counting 1570 pupils and 115 teachers. Our school is concerned with welcoming each student in a spirit of benevolence, intellectual rigour and openness to the world. A real concern is given to the development of the students' artistic, sports, human and digital skills. Innovative technologies are, in fact, a new axis. All students and teachers are equipped with a tablet PC , thus creating a new dynamic in our pedagogical practices. Our high school has also been involved in projects of the Inter-communality (11 cities) and the region’s economic development services for two years. Our students experience then a participatory democracy. A topic is suggested (tomorrow's agriculture this year). In addition, our high school participates in the project « City centre doctor » led by our city and its European partners. Its objective is to think about the revitalization of the city centre ( The students participate in various meetings, analyzing the situation and suggesting new ideas.

Our pupils are also aware of environmental concerns due to the local political context and our geographical situation, between Peri-urbanity and rurality. A science club has been created. The main approach is sustainable development and all the projects carried out aim at making the school, the pupils and the staff more environmentally responsible : recycling of papers, ink cartdriges, old pens, decrease of the school canteen waste.

Moreover, our high school has a basket option which concerns voluntary students. They practise basket twice a week and take part in competitions with other schools. Finally, two new classes taught in a foreign language have been opened in 2018: Mathematics in English and Economics in Spanish. The aim is to enable the students to improve their language skills and broaden their cultural awareness. For the first time since September 2018 we have started an Erasmus project. This project arose from the high awareness of the European cultural heritage connected to the rivers our cities are built at. Rivers connect us within Europe as much as distinguish us from each other, standing for our national identities. Our project promotes the awareness of European cultural diversity and the importance of passing on and adding to this heritage as well. Secondly, the emphasis is put on the protection of our rivers, their biological diversity and sustainability.

After fifty years of existence, our school has been able to weave a network of territorial partners, allowing us to anchor it in the local landscape. The topic of this project would allow us to push this axis forward. It also seems essential to us to develop this opening on an international level, especially at the European level.