Nagy Lajos Secondary School of the Cistercian Order (Ciszterci Rend Nagy Lajos Gimnáziuma) in Pécs is one of Hungary's oldest schools founded by the Jesuits in 1687. We have 750 students between the ages of 13-19 and 65 teachers. There are specialized classes: one in biology and chemistry, one in maths and information technology, another one in English and German. Apart from them there is a class which specializes in folk traditions. A few years ago we bought a peasant farm where our students can experience traditional farming methods and the relationship between archaic and modern life. We aim to broaden the students' horizons and make them fully aware of their responsibility regarding a sustainable future. In 2016 our school was certified as an ecological school.

We offer our students 50 different extra-curricular activities; such as choirs, orchestras, folk dance groups, a first aid group, ICT, robotics, scientific courses, Italian gastronomy, astronomy, lasers-electronics, school magazine editing, and several sports (fencing, archery, ballgames, badminton, judo, etc.). We have a scout team dating back to 100 years.. We have had partnerships with German and Italian schools for many years. Over the past 5 years we have taken part in a Comenius (Unity in diversity: our past is unifying us), and an Erasmus + (A retrospective look at WW1) project. The former one was so successful that it was rewarded by the European Parliament.

We have a well-equipped natural science laboratory in our school, where we have the facilities for special measurements and demonstrations related to energetics and water as well. We have special classrooms such as chemistry, biology, maths, physics, ethnography, language labs, ICT-rooms, a music room and a gym. There are 6 smart boards and over 20 projectors at our disposal. In our school library we have access to more than 43000 volumes. Our students have a good chance to get into universities after their school leaving exams and are very successful at national and international competitions in various subjects. We have an intense cooperation with the different faculties of the University of Pécs, the oldest university in Hungary.