Nort-sur-Erdre, France 20 -25 January, 2019

On Monday morning, we started with a presentation of the schools. Each high school had made a presentation of its school.
A workshop for the students to discover themselves was then held.
To close the morning, we organized a workshop to create the project's logo. Transnational teams were organised and each one had to create a logo. A vote was then held to elect the best one.
On Monday afternoon the exhibition of the students' research work on their river was inaugurated. A presentation of this work was made. This exhibition was open to the public and was inaugurated by the mayor of Nort-sur-Erdre and the director of the Saint Martin high school. A tour of the high school was also organized.
Finally, to close this first day, a welcome drink with all the project participants and host families was held.
Photos : French exhibition + the photos already on the website in "in lessons".

Tuesday was divided into two parts. The first was the setting up of a workshop to prepare guides for the visit to Nantes that took place that afternoon. Each transnational group worked on a specific theme or place, which allowed them to explain it to the other pupils in the afternoon, at the time of the visit.

On Wednesday morning, we went to visit Chantiers Merré, a shipbuilding specialist. 
The objectives of the visit were:
- to discover the entire value creation chain of shipbuilding, from architecture to construction, outfitting, sales and after-sales service.
- to discover the family history of the company and its evolutions
- understand the routing of vessels from the yard to the launch.
On Wednesday afternoon an excursion by pleasure boats, lent by the local association, was organised on the Erdre river to discover its environment and in particular the castles that border it.

On Thursday morning, an exchange with the primary students took place. The pupils had prepared a list of questions they wanted to ask the European pupils (in English or the French pupils translated it).
Objectives :
- to discover the common points and differences between several European countries, to discover their culture
- exchange most often in English, for an audience that is new to this learning process.
On Thursday afternoon, we went to visit the Guérande salt marshes.
The objectives were:
- to understand how the famous Guérande salt is formed and harvested...
- understand the harmony between a human activity and a protected environment (water circuit, salt-making process, fauna and flora)
- discover the profession of salt worker
We ended the afternoon with an excursion on the beach of the bay of La Baule.
We ended the day with a celebration in the church of the city of nort sur erdre.
Salt marshes
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Excursion to the sea