Wroclaw, Poland 26 - 31, May, 2019

The meeting in Wrocław, Poland was focused on water quality and biodiversity. Students presented the results of their research (videos and presentations) on water quality of rivers in their home towns and presented flora and fauna of their rivers subsequently.

All the participants visited Hydropolis, a unique museum of water and participated in a lecture at the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences on insects living in rivers. A day trip to Bardo Śląskie was organised where both students and teachers had an opportunity to compete in white water rafting on the Nysa Kłodzka river. Furthermore, an inspiring peer teaching unit on economy and sustainability was provided by a German teacher Myrriam Rupp-Dillinger.

Last but not least, we paid a visit to Afrykarium and Odrarium in the Wrocław Zoo where we took part in workshops on biodiversity.